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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How life gets in the way of living

I started blog writing just over a year ago, initially I used it to focus my thoughts and it soon led to me writing more structured articles on issues that affect millions of disabled people. I was really pleased with the reaction I got from the previous posts that I wrote and have been meaning to write another one for many months, but as the title shows life sometimes gets in the way of living.

Over the past 5 months there have been a number of topics that I could have written about, but I haven't and I am not going to attempt to go back over old ground now. So why haven't I written a blog before now? There aren't any excuses really, apart from the usual 'too busy', but doing what you may ask? so I am not going to make excuses up. I suppose I have just got out of the habit of writing and so just need to get back to writing as I do enjoy the process when I finally do it, including the actual writing and response that I get from the writing that I do. I have been told that it only takes a month to break a habit, so hopefully this is true and I will be writing regularly again soon.

So I am setting myself  a challenge for the next year to write at least one post a month, no exceptions. So rather than go over all that I have been doing over the past 5 months, I am just going to get you up to speed as to some of the main things that have been part of my life over the past 5 months and that continue to be part of my life and who I will become.

I have started to become more involved in campaigning at a number of different levels which has led to me making more decisions about my future career path, I am more actively looking for different employment now and although up to now I haven't had any luck I continue to look and apply. It is a challenging time for most and so I should be grateful for what I have but there comes a time when a change needs to be made and this is my time.

I have also been married now for almost a year and a half, which makes me very happy. The reason I am telling you this is that we have always spoken about having a child and so this may be the year so watch this space for more news on both of the topics I have mentioned.

 Writing this post I am already thinking of other posts that could be written and so I promise that I will write again soon. I hope that you will come back soon to read my next instalments, but for now please look back over some of the issues I spoke about previously.

Please leave a comment about any other topics that you wish me to cover.


  1. I have been blogging for about a year and I do manage at least one a month, mainly politics, education or local issues. My suggestion for a topic would be of interest to me: You say you work in a job and feel overworked and underpaid (me to) but is the DDA fit for purpose? Do employers make 'reasonable adjustments'?

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