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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

life for disabled child between 0-5yrs olds in the mainstream world

After surviving the 3 weeks that my parents were told I wouldn't, my parents began to realise they had a fighter for a daughter. This brought them strength to carry on and do their best by me. The first 5 years of my life were challenging for the whole family not just for me.

My shunt being fitted was only the beginning, with this came problems that were going to affect my life in a massive way especially with regards to my childhood. In the first 5 years of my life I was in and out of hospital regularly due to problems with my shunt. On more than one occasion I was given life saving treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I owe my life to the doctors and nurses who regularly looked after me through these years.

Many of my memories of this time, are through what I have been told by family and as I get older I am now able to appreciate the seriousness of my health problems as a child. There was more than once that my parents thought that they were going to lose me and I required life saving treatment, not least on Christmas Eve of my 5th year. Within this year I was in and out of hospital many times and although it is awful to have to go to hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital always tried to make it easier for the patients and their families. In the summer of this year I was in hospital again and the patients got the opportunity to be involved in the filming of the Sooty Show Christmas Special. Unfortunately I got the opportunity to watch the show on TV while in the hospital again.

The time in the hospital was not the only problem experienced throughout this time, each time I came out of hospital I 'became a different child' as my mum described it. This meant that I regularly had to re-learn skills that children of my age took for granted like being able to feed myself. 

My visits to hospital became less frequent after a while and I was given the opportunity to grow and begin to experience life as a child. In future instalments I will write about my relationships with different family members, school experiences, and many adult experiences. Although the rest of my life has continued to provide me with challenges as I became older I began to experience more positive moments which I will look forward to sharing with you.

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